Flake: Tom DeLay has become the face of the culture gone bad in Washington

Since today is National Jeff Flake Day, you should read his interview over at the new Plugged In. Also, those of you in the Greek chorus of Plugged In letter writers should say hi to Dan Nowicki, hes the new editor.


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    rovefoundyellowcake Says:

    Is it me or is this Neocon government the worst in history. Let’s review…

    Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, former aide to Rep. Tom DeLay agreed to cooperate with congress investigation.
    Tom DeLay, Bill Frist under indictment
    Illegal Wiretaps of Americans
    The war in Iraq
    We know exactly where the WMDs are
    aluminum tubes
    yellowcake uranium that Saddam didn’t try to buy from Niger
    mobile biological warfare laboratories that turned out to be hydrogen generators for balloons
    the meeting with Mohamed Atta that didn’t happen in Prague
    Saddam had no connection to the destruction of the WTC
    Bush gave up the hunt for Osama bin Laden
    Donald Rumsfeld and the Neocons never had an exit strategy
    Neocons set up their own unit within the Pentagon to reanalyze raw data and draw harsher conclusions
    Bush hawks suppressed, and willfully ignored facts
    Valerie Wilson outted as a C.I.A. agent
    Murtha’s speech cracked the back of the Iraq invasion.
    The insurgency in Iraq is “in the last throes,”
    Al-Qaeda of Iraq, the franchise newly founded since Bush allowed them in
    Ted Stevens and a $8.1 TRILLION National Debt is good
    Your Brown Shirt Army called the Swiftboaters

    You cant spin this.
    IT IS the worst government in history.

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    rovefoundyellowcake Says:

    Stupid is someone unable or unwilling to see that their party is in trouble and never question them such as Shaddegg has done with his support for DeLay.

    At least i look at politics with open eyes and can see a corrupt party when i see one.
    Neocons want to deflect blame and try like hell to defend the undefendable.

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    rovefoundyellowcake Says:

    Not a good month so far in Iraqanam.

    Not a good 2006 so far in Iraqanam.

    Its sad, very sad; but meanwhile the Republicans are rejoicing and salavating about more tax cuts for the rich.

    Its sick, very sick.

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    rovefoundyellowcake Says:


    DeLay Takes Over Cunningham’s Spot On Appropriations Committee

    When DeLay announced his official resignation on Saturday, he also announced he was “reclaiming” his seat on the powerful Appropriations Committee.

    Why is there a seat available? From the San Diego Union Tribune, 12/10/05:

    A vacancy on the panel occurred earlier this week when Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, R-Rancho Santa Fe, formally resigned from Congress after pleading guilty to charges that he accepted bribes from defense contractors.

    Should be a smooth transition for DeLay.

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    rovefoundyellowcake Says:

    Do you think Bushie will give Jack Abramoff the Medal of Freedom?

    He gave it to incompetents L. Paul Bremer III, Tommy R. Franks, and George J. Tenet.

  6. 6
    mari Says:

    Do you think Bushie will give Jack Abramoff the Medal of Freedom?

    I thought he was reserving it for Brownie!

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