Flake:Taxpayers should be upset on FEMA money going to booze

The Boston Herald reports that some NOLA evacuees are spending their $2,000 checks on booze and engaging in public drinking binges and theres little that the government can do about it.

I hope that in the future, to the extent we pass out money, we find ways to restrict its use. That was my concern and some of my colleagues right from the beginning,' said U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). When you give FEMA $50 billion all at once, youre begging for mistakes. Youre just asking for abuse.'

     Flake said the Heralds report is evidence of the agencys inefficiency. FEMA has handed out $2,000 checks to 607,000 Katrina victims since the hurricane, with no restrictions on its spending.

     Thats very upsetting,' Flake said. I think its certainly eye-opening to see how the federal government spends money. We would have been better off giving FEMA $5 billion and have them report back in a week, not $50 billion all at once. Taxpayers should be upset.'

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