Hayworth immigration plan being finalized

An overview, from MSNBC:

The Hayworth plan, still being finalized, would:

  • Substantially increase civil and criminal penalties against employers who hire illegal immigrants.
  • Deport 100,000 illegal aliens sitting in U.S. jails and prisons and 400,000 foreign visa holders who have overstayed their time in the country.
  • Put more federal security resources along the Mexican border and boost the enforcement of existing immigration laws.
  • Increase the number of green cards for foreign workers but not offer amnesty for illegals already in the U.S. or a guest worker program favored by business groups as well as Arizona Sen. John McCain and Congressmen Jeff Flake and Jim Kolbe.

Under the plan, the US would also cut off foreign aid to Mexico if it doesnt start controlling the mass exodus of its people (and its drugs) to America

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