Jeff Flake roundup

  • Integrity: With Ron Paul, voted against $1 million bill to celebrate Ronald Reagans birthday. [CNN]
  • Voted against Pi Day. [New Scientist]
  • Has filed three resolutions calling for a House ethics committee investigation centering on the relationship between Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., and PMA Group, a lobbying organization raided last year by federal authorities. [MarketWatch]
  • To one Republican, Rep. Jeff Flake of Arizona, though, the commentary sounded like the wit who said, Give me sobriety, but not yet. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Said the best way [for President Obama] to get Congress attention is to make a genuine threat to veto bills with these pet projects. Obama didnt even come close to that. [AzCentral]
  • Wonders if the proposed closure of the Tonto Natural Bridge Park is a political ploy to get more money. [Rim Country Gazette]
  • “I give President Obama credit for acknowledging that earmarks to private companies can too easily lead to corruption,” said Rep. Jeff Flake (R) of Arizona. “However, the reforms he announced will do little to stem he practice, especially given Congress’ reluctance to reform itself.” [Christian Science Monitor]
  • Dallas Morning News: Flake should continue his crusade to expose Congress charade, which encourages waste and tolerates political corruption.
  • Flake on how the GOP can get its groove back:

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