Trent Franks roundup: Bunnyranchgate!

  • Las Vegas POd at Franks assertion that stimulus money will pay for a mag-lev train from Las Vegas to the Bunny Ranch in Carson City. Franks has either lost his moral compass, spent too much time in the Arizona sun or is a baldfaced liar. (Video has been ganked) [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Franks is not pleased with Obamas lifting of restrictions on medical professionals opting out of conscience-based conflicts. Though long forgotten, the original Hippocratic Oath likewise contained an unequivocal prohibition against abortion. []
  • Not happy with a potential Glendale-based Indian casino, either. [I]t is very possible that such a casino will hurt more tribal members than it actually helps. []
  • Responds to reports of Obama letter to Russian president regarding Iran. []
  • Sees North Korean missles as a threat. []
  • Introduces bill to prohibit the funding of moving Gitmo detainees to Arizona. []
  • Delivers speech on midnight rule-making. []

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