Harry Mitchell roundup

  • On report that thousands of VA files are missing: It is unacceptable to have them lost, to have their dates changed, to have them shredded. This is not acceptable. Outrageous story: [CBS News]
  • “It is impossible not to be shocked by the numbers from Detroit,” said Rep. Harry Mitchell, D-Ariz., who chairs the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee’s oversight and investigations panel. “Shredding documents or burying them in the bottom drawer is a breach of trust. Whether that breach of trust comes as a consequence of inadequate training or negligent or deliberate behavior, Congress must not and will not tolerate it.” [Air Force Times]
  • Voted against the stimulus because it contained too much unnecessary spending, namely on the legislative branch. Spending more on Congress more on ourselves will not help get the economy back on track. [Star-Telegram]
  • Made Sal DiCicco into a politician by forcing him to attend brutally tedious City Council meetings in high school. [AzCentral]
  • Going to Alabama this weekend for the 9th Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage.

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