Shadegg: Everyone is cutting back except Congress

The Business Journal reports that John Shadegg was not happy with the Dems omnibus spending package:

“Everyone across the country is cutting back. They are saving every dime they can, doing with less, and prioritizing their budgets. Everyone, that is, except Congress. On the heels of the largest spending bill in our history, House Democrats are now supporting a $410 billion dollar appropriations bill – a nearly 10 percent increase over 2008,” said Shadegg who represents Anthem, Paradise Valley and north Phoenix.

And in TIME magazine:

There are 9,000 reasons to vote against this spending bill — 9,000 earmarks slipped and crammed into this pork-stuffed nightmare, Representative John Shadegg, an Arizona Republican, said on Wednesday in a statement. Last night, President Obama bragged about this claim that there were no earmarks in his stimulus bill — and yet hes silent today as he prepares to put his signature on 9,000 earmarks.

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