Franks reacts to Obama speech

  • Franks panned Obamas speech on the grounds that it did not address jihadist terrorism: For the commander in chief to leave out the first purpose of government, to protect its citizens against one of the most eminent threats facing us in the world, was a pretty serious hole in his speech. [CSM]
  • And: Essentially [Obama] had us all bouncing our heads off of both sides of the canyon walls of philosophical reality when he went from on the one hand saying that we need to privatize personal Social Security accounts for everyone, which is essentially what George Bush said, and then on the other hand we need to nationalize the banks. [Human Events]
  • Co-authors letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in protest of cramdowns: Although allowing for this type of modification in bankruptcy may have the short-term effect of lowering bankruptcy petitioners monthly payments, it is certain to yield negative long-term consequences for taxpayers and the federal government that will dwarf any benefit to the economy that cramdowns might create. [LA Times]
  • Criticizes Obamas plans to raise taxes on the super-wealthy: The top one percent of this country already pay. They pay over 50 percent of the taxes now. [CBN]

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