Mitchell helped bring Obama to Mesa

East Valley Tribune:

Mesa Councilman Dennis Kavanaugh is thrilled the President chose his district to talk about the economic future of the country. While he wasn’t sure he was going to get one of the coveted tickets, Kavanaugh said he worked with Congressman Harry Mitchell’s office to pitch the district and Dobson High for the visit.

“As the only elected Democrat in Mesa, I do have some small hope to be invited. If not, it is still a great event for Mesa and my district,” Kavanaugh said via e-mail.

Rep. Mitchell, D-Ariz., who is expected to attend the event, also suggested Dobson High because it’s in his district and it has a diverse student body, with an emphasis on public policy discussions, Kavanaugh said.

Mitchell told the Tribune that the White House was also keen on identifying a venue close to U.S. 60, to make it easy to get back to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Aw, take him to Downtown Mesa and party like its 1961.

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