Mitchell: We must walk the walk of self-restraint

Harry Mitchells floor speech today:

I rise today to thank Speaker Pelosi for agreeing to block the next scheduled Congressional pay raise. As government acts to cap executive compensation, and as millions of Americans watch their incomes shrink, a pay raise for Members of Congress would have seemed glaringly out of touch.

If we are going to talk the talk of fiscal discipline, we must also walk the walk of self-restraint. The American people are not getting a raise this year. Neither should Congress.

I also wish to thank Dr. Ron Paul and 107 of our colleagues – Republicans and Democrats – who were willing to support H.R. 156, the Stop the Congressional Pay Raise Act. Without the leadership of these Members – so many of them new Members – we may not have taken this important step.

An Arizonan responds from across the aisle in WaPo:

Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.) agreed that it might make sense to block the pay raise, given the economic woes, but he said that it seems to me that its a little bit pessimistic and little bit early to make that decision now for 2010.

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