Mitchell helps block Congressional pay raises

From a press release:

U.S. Rep Harry Mitchell today praised House Leaders for giving up the 2010 pay raise for Members of Congress. Earlier today, House leaders confirmed that, because of worsening economic conditions, House members would forego their regularly scheduled cost-of-living pay increase.

“As government acts to cap executive compensation, and as millions of Americans watch their incomes shrink, a pay raise for Members of Congress would have seemed glaringly out of touch,” Mitchell said. “If we are going to talk the talk of fiscal discipline, we must also walk the walk of self-restraint. The American people are not getting a raise this year. Neither should Congress.”

Rep. Mitchell has been pushing legislation to stop the 2010 pay increase, which had steadily built momentum and had recently gained bi-partisan support from nearly a quarter of the House membership. On the first day of the 111th Congress, Reps. Harry Mitchell, D-Ariz., and Ron Paul, R-Texas, introduced H.R. 156, the Stop the Congressional Pay Raise Act. As of Tuesday the legislation had gained 107 co-sponsors.

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