Kyl: Democrats present a false choice


Democratic strategists also think Republicans blundered by unanimously opposing Obama just after he made a high-profile show of bipartisanship. Not only was there his visit to the Capitol, but he agreed to drop two items from the bill that drew particular GOP fire: money to resod the National Mall in Washington and to expand family planning programs.

Republicans began pushing back Thursday. The two concessions were mighty small, they said, and Democrats ignored the GOPs alternative package that included more tax cuts and less spending, especially for programs with no obvious promise for stimulating the economy quickly.

Having Congress do nothing is not an option, although sometimes our Democratic friends would like to present the false choice, Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., told reporters.

If a Democratic measure fails to improve the economy, Kyl said, then in about six months Republicans will be in the position to say, We didnt have the input into this that we needed, and thats why it hasnt worked.

Kyl also said that if Obama wants the Senate to support the stimulus bill, hell need key Republican concepts embedded in the legislation.

And parlimentary procedures to kill the bill arent off the table, either: Whatever we can do whether that is offer an amendment, whether its voting against the bill because it could not be amended, whatever parliamentary opportunities are available to us, we will explore, Kyl said.

And on a final note, Kyl warned: If there is not a change in attitude as this legislation moves forward, unfortunately it is going to be the American people who are going to suffer as a result of the Democrats partisanship.

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