House passes stimulus bill

The House passed HR1, the gazillion-billion-dollar stimulus package 244-188. All our Democrats voted for it, all our Republicans voted against it, yadda yadda.

Some highlights:

  • Jeff Flakes amendment to cut $800 million for inter-city rail got a floor vote but failed 116 320.
  • Flake: You cant spend this amount of money without spending money on some willy-nilly things. [Journal-Sentinel]
  • Flake also introduced an amendment to prevent Congress from pressuring state and local agencies on behalf of campaign contributors, but that wasnt allowed to be voted on. Hm. Interesting. [proPublica]
  • NRCC tries desperately to tie Ann Kirkpatrick, other freshmen to STD prevention funds by using question mark. [Politico]
  • Obamas going to get Kyl drunk. [Huliq]
  • A 79-year-old Rep. from New York decided which amendments would be voted on. Harry Mitchells amendment to freeze Congressional wages was not. [CQ]

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