Shadegg fumes on illegals receiving tax breaks

From a statement sent today:

WASHINGTON , DC ~ Congressman John Shadegg (R-AZ) today issued the following statement regarding whether some illegal aliens will receive rebate checks under the House-passed stimulus bill:

“Contrary to the claims being made by some, under the House stimulus bill, which I voted against, illegal aliens who filed tax returns last year will receive rebate checks. These checks will be in the amount of $600 per individual or $1200 per family plus $300 per child as provided in the law. This will happen, even though a provision of the bill stipulates that rebate checks are not to be sent to ‘any nonresident alien individual.’

“The reason that illegal aliens will nonetheless receive rebate checks is that under the terms of the bill, checks are to be automatically sent to all people who filed a tax return and earned the requisite $3000. Because tax returns do not disclose a taxpayer’s legal status, rebate checks will automatically be sent to all illegal aliens who filed a tax return.

“It’s a little like going out on Halloween and telling your babysitter that she should only give out candy to kids from your neighborhood. But, she has no way of knowing which kids are from your neighborhood and which are from somewhere else, so she just gives it to all the kids who come to your house.

“Simply put, the IRS has no way to know whether the individual who filed the tax return is an illegal alien or not. As a result, it will issue checks to all illegal aliens who filed a return.

“According to a New York Times story from last April, the number of illegal aliens who file tax returns has risen recently and has hit a record high.”

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