Whats new with Gabrielle Giffords

  • Still doing Congress on Your Corner, asked to take steps to keep Tucson from becoming like Phoenix. [Green Valley News]
  • Not endorsing anyone for president (yet), but thrilled that John McCain won New Hampshire. [Scarpinato]
  • Her bill to ban tunneling into the U.S. was signed into law. [Vail Sun]
  • $2.4 million for SimInsurgents. [AzStarNet]
  • Blogger files complaint against Giffords over franking. Blogger stumping for Tim Bee. Hm. [East Valley Tribune]
  • Teamed up with Jon Kyl to get FEMA out of Maranas grill. [Fox11]
  • Brought $16 million home. Not bad for a newbie. [Tucson Citizen]

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