Whats new with Jeff Flake

  • Flake on appropriations committee? That would be awesome. [The Hill]
  • Were suckers for lost causes, so were pleased to report that Jeff Flake of Arizona is making a run for an open GOP slot on the House Appropriations Committee. This is like Carrie Nation hitting fraternity row on toga night, but then a little spending temperance is exactly what Republicans need. [WSJ]
  • People across the country, I think, are still angry. Its here in Washington that we seem to have selective amnesia. [ABC News]
  • Campaigns for John McCain in New Hampshire: As soon as they let McCain be McCain, we had this result. [AzCentral]
  • Thinks bipartisanship is a truly bad idea. [Reason]
  • I think Republicans have by and large gone native. I dont know how you can conclude otherwise. [Reason]

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