In case you are the last one to hear

JD Hayworth is joining KFYI and will be filling the coveted evening drive slot.

I confess that way back in my crazy CR days, my day was Barry, Rush and Mo. And that cranky 200-year-old dude who did the weekend show for $6 an hour. And who could forget Blow out the Phones on Fridays? That was blogging before blogging existed. So I might have to listen to JD, just for old times sake when college professors were idiots and ASU had an awesome football team*. Not that Ill be going back to doing anti-abortion rallies and protesting FOR Newt Gingrich. Yes, TonyGOPrano, those days are over.

A good idea for a blog would be to listen to the show every day and give a recap with commentary. Not that *Im* up for it

*Though not in 1994 proper. Oh hell no. 3-8?

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