Kyl: Personality, not immigration bigger factor in AZ GOP losses

Dead GOPFrom Political Notebook by Daniel Scarpinato:

With the GOP losing two seats in the Arizona congressional delegation this midterm, theres been a lot of talk about just why Republicans Randy Graf and J.D. Hayworth came up on the short end of the election stick. Some have felt that perhaps the two had taken too hard a line on immigration. But in an interview earlier in the week, Sen. Jon Kyl suggested the two had far greater shortcomings in the eyes of the electorate.

There is a lesson that some people are taking from the election that I think would be wrong, and it has to do with immigration reform, Kyl said. Because Graf and Hayworth lost some have concluded that therefore if you take a really strong anti-illegal-immigration position, thats not where the American people are. I dont think thats a very good lesson out of this.

Hayworth lost for reasons that had, I think, very little to do with immigration, Kyl said. Im not sure that, with all due respect, Graf was ever really in a race in which an issue was even important.

He suggested personality may have been more of a factor than positions on issues in those races.

Scarpinato also talks with former candidate Patty Weiss about the future.

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