Kolbe: Coming out most gratifying thing that ever happened to me

Kolbe bwJim Kolbe talks with the Washington Blade about life, the universe, and retiring:

On being out in Congress: My strongest contributions were simply standing up and talking about these issues on the floor, in caucuses and when it came up for debate Theres something to be said for speaking up for equality.

On the proposed marriage protection amendment: It was an absolute waste of the American taxpayers’ time and a waste of Congress time It was a diversion, done solely to build support in the so-called base of the party — the religious right.

On the future of gay rights: Im really not one for great prognostications and predictions, but I think within 10 years, either civil unions or basic protections for gay couples will be widespread in almost all states. The dialogue has started, and I think there’s enough momentum to keep the dialogue going.

And of course, a quote from conservative Bob Haran: He will be surely missed by the gay community and Planned Parenthood.

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