Report clears Kolbe, but raises questions

Kolbe bw

An 89-page House ethics committee report into the scandal involving former Rep. Mark Foleys graphic e-mails to male congressional pages devotes at least four pages to Kolbe.

The panel concluded that Kolbe, 64, did not violate any House rule or standard of conduct in his handling of a former pages complaint in 2001 about a Foley e-mail that made the page uncomfortable.

But the report, released Friday, raises questions about Kolbes claims that he did not have direct knowledge of the graphic contents of that e-mail.

There also is testimony in the report that Kolbe may have tried to convince the former page not to talk to House investigators or others.

The report demonstrates that members of my office and I took prompt action in 2001 to address the complaint that was brought to our attention by a college student from my district who had previously served as a House page, Kolbe said.

As I testified before the committee, I did not review a copy of the communication Congressman Foley sent the college student, and I never knew whether or not it was sexually explicit. The simple fact that Foley had made the student feel uncomfortable was enough for me to take action by, among other things, notifying the clerk of the House.

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