Its over: Kolbes office gutted

The Republic paints a stark picture:

Were here to pick up your keys, said the man, his voice full of officialdom.

My keys? asked [Kolbe staffer Kevin] Dorner, appearing to be caught totally by surprise.

The keys to your office.

Moments later, two other visitors from U.S. House Support Services arrived to announce they were taking the remaining computer keyboards and monitors away.

There was little else left.

And for our other Congressman whos coming home?

Outside Hayworths office sits a huge dumpster marked Please Do Not Remove. Inside the office, staffers sit among half-packed boxes, cabinets and bookcases.

Because Hayworth did not concede defeat to incoming Democrat Rep. Harry Mitchell until Nov. 14 a week after the election U.S. House rules regarding contested races gave Hayworth more time to move out. He has until Dec. 15 to vacate.

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