10 Commandments on Running a Campaign

I wrote this right after the last election. Take it or leave it.

  1. Say All the Positive Things Yourself; Let Others Say the Negative Things. Thats what parties are for. And bloggers. And columnists. Exception: Debates. Nobody likes a boring debate; claws out.
  2. Thou Shalt Shut the Hell Up and Listen. Look, you think youre going to deliver people from the friggin Pharaoh here with your fancy ideas. Youre wrong. Shut up.
  3. Thou Shalt Not Be Fifteen Years Ago. Revolutions jump the shark. That doesnt mean you cant still have the ideals, just be relevant to today. If youre still bashing political correctness, youre way out of touch.
  4. Thou Shalt Not Shun the Media and Bloggers and Then Wonder What the Hell Happened. Press releases are your friend. Two a week, at least. Make them good.
  5. Money Is Not Filthy Lucre That Impedes the Democratic Process. Okay, it is. But there are very few Davids and a whole lot of Goliaths. Suck it up and hire a professional fundraiser. Grassroots is good, having your shit together is better.
  6. Be Nice to People, Even Those Who Arent on Your Side. It makes it harder for them to hurl invective at you. And what if something happens and your opponent drops out? Who are they going to get behind?
  7. Being a Republican is Not Grounds for Losing a Seat. You have to moderately f up to lose a seat. Prove to the voters that your opponent fd up. Lumping him in with all the Republican fups is not enough.
  8. The national party, based in Washington, doesnt know ass about Arizona.
  9. Youre not going to win because God wants you to. Or because winning is your destiny. The people are not going to hoist you onto their shoulders and personally carry you to Washington. If youre sleeping 5 hours a night, youre probably not working hard enough. Work harder.
  10. Bloggers and their commenters are a poor reflection of support. If you want to check how your candidates doing, go to IHOP or church.

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