CD8 Roundup: The Big Guns Edition

  • Randy vs. GabbyArizona Daily Star endorses Gabrielle Giffords. Congress needs more untethered thinkers who freely expend energy, build bridges, spark optimist [Borat?] and encourage compromise. We believe Giffords fits that ideal.
  • Last minute help: Dennis Hasert is swinging by for Randy Graf ($250 a head); NM governor Bill Richardson is coming to town for Gabrielle Giffords. [Arizona Daily Star]
  • Crossovers: 16 percent of Republicans plan to vote for Gabby, 7 percent of Democrats will vote for Randy. [Arizona Daily Star]
  • Giffords camp: Graf wants to privatize Social Security, though Graf denies it.
  • Graf on education: We are not getting our moneys worth out of the No Child Left Behind Act The $400 million in federal funding doesnt even begin to cover our costs. It is time to end unfunded mandates.
  • Giffords camp: Randy Graf was one of only four members of the Arizona House to oppose legislation that expanded coverage under the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) to women who need treatment for breast or cervical cancer.

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