CD8 Roundup: The Occasional Cheeseburger Edition

  • Randy vs. GabbyAs [Randy Graf] led a biker rally against illegal immigration on Sunday, someone handed him a frayed denim vest that used to belong to an illegal alien. When Mr. Graf put it on, the crowd cheered. But the theatrics went too far, and his face blanked when the giver joked: It has a bullet hole in the back. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • Giffords and Graf slug each other hard; Graf accuses Giffords of being soft on sex offenders, Giffords brings up Steve Aiken. [Arizona Daily Star]
  • Giffords calls on Graf to explain his vote against the bipartisan Security Enhancement Act of 2002.
  • Graf, on his website: To say I am opposed to stem cell research is inexcusable My only objection is to federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.
  • Gabby cant live without the occasional cheeseburger; Randy as a Republican wouldnt be caught dead eating an elephant. [Tucson Citizen]
  • We are hearing from so many sources that Gabby and Randy are running dead even that we are taking the results as confirmed. Our sources tell us that at least one group will be releasing its results today or tomorrow. [Arizona Eighth]
  • Willcox Range News endorses Giffords. Grafs ad makes it sound as if Giffords is helping to smuggle undocumented workers across the border.
  • Both Graf and Giffords have refused to fill out the National Political Awareness Test put out by Project Vote Smart. [The Skinny]
  • Graf will be fundraising with Trent Franks, House Speaker Dennis Hastert. [Arizona Eighth]
  • Neither political party has spent money on the race since Oct. 3. [Bloomberg]

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