CD8 Roundup: Debate recaps, border commercials, and more NARAL hijinks

  • Randy vs. GabbyRandy Graf told the crowd at last nights debate that if the US abruptly leaves Iraq, it will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Iran and Syria. [Douglas Dispatch]
  • Gabrielle Giffords: I do not want to risk Social Security on the stock market by gambling it away. [Fox 11]
  • In [Giffords'] campaign commercials she doesnt talk about guest workers. Instead, she sounds themes right out of the Graf playbook: securing the border and denying Social Security, welfare and other benefits to illegal immigrants. [LA Times]
  • NARAL and Photoshop are at it again in a CD8 mailer: Inside, above a fake picture of Kyl and Graf in army fatigues, the mailer says: In Bushs assault on womens rights, Jon Kyl is a top general and Randy Graf wants a promotion. [Arizona Daily Star]

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