CD8 roundup: The snappy answers to stupid talking points edition

  • Randy vs. GabbyTucson Citizen endorses Gabrielle Giffords: While Giffords is a Democratic woman and [incumbent Jim] Kolbe a Republican man, the two have far more commonalities than differences.
  • Best quote from last nights debate goes to Libertarian candidate/ party founder David Nolan: Graf defended keeping troops in Iraq and accused Giffords of wanting to cut and run, a phrase used often by Republicans this election year. That brought a snappy response from Nolan, who said, What would you prefer, stay and die? [Arizona Daily Star]
  • Giffords wins debate!
  • Graf wins debate!
  • X4mr has a good recap: This was not like any of primary debates. All candidates looked comfortable, confident, prepared, and spoke well.
  • Grafs new commercial features a waving flag behind him, big red AMNESTY over Giffords face.
  • Business and Industry PAC, which endorsed Steve Huffman in the primary, supports Giffords in the general.

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