CD8 Roundup: The creepy message board people edition

  • Randy vs. GabbyThe Fix still ranks the CD8 race as #1; Giffords might as well begin measuring the drapes for her new office in Washington.
  • WaPo gives Gabby a mention in an article about Dems running attractive candidates: she has chiseled features and rides a motorcycle.
  • A poster named 311inAZ says he is actively working for Grafs election to Congress, and If you need help in locating a Klan in your area please contact me. [Stormfront Message Board]
  • At the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, meanwhile, Chairman Rahm Emanuel of Illinois publicized a letter urging his Republican counterpart, [Tom] Reynolds, to disavow the candidacy of Randy Graf, who is seeking an open seat in Arizona. While you and I may have differences of opinion when it comes to policy, certainly we can agree on the right thing to do. Supporting a candidate with ties to the white supremacist community is not the right thing to do, Emanuel wrote. [CQ]
  • A source tells me that Gabby is getting international coverage and has completed interviews with TV Tokyo and the Zurich, Switzerland newspaper Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung. Sky News and The Sun, both from London, will be coming up next.

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