CD8 Roundup: The Golf Rulebook Edition

  • Randy vs. GabbyThe Arizona Republic endorses Gabrielle Giffords: Voters in District 8 have a clear choice between two very different candidates. But that does not mean that Giffords is the left-wing mirror image of Grafs radical extremism. Shes not.
  • Giffords is reaching for the center, the No. 1 target in America for The Minuteman PAC. [Tucson Citizen]
  • Tepidly funny John Stewart clip featuring Graf makes the rounds on the blogosphere. Did he just compare the Constitution to a book of golf rules? Oh man, I love this guy!
  • Giffords doesnt return a pledge to not vote for liberal Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, which a conservative group says is tantamount to voting to raise taxes; the Advice Goddess wonders when conservatives started caring about the nations fiscal health.

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