CD8 Roundup: The Mega Dittos Edition

  • Randy vs. Gabby[Foleygate is] an issue that the media seems to want to keep at the forefront, Graf said earlier this week. Rush Limbaugh talked about it this morning No irony intended, we guess. [The Skinny]
  • Also from The Skinny: Debate info. The games begin at 6:15 p.m. next Tuesday, Oct. 17, at the Pima Community College Board Room, 4905 E. Broadway Blvd.
  • Jim Nintzel of Tucson Weekly writes an in-depth piece about the race. Good quote from a female Republican who is crossing over to vote for Gabrielle Giffords: Ive been called a RINO for years I have not left my party. A portion of my party has left me.
  • Even Randy admits hes allowed himself to be characterized as a paleo-conservative. [Tucson Citizen]
  • Graf would trust President Bushs judgment on how to handle North Korea; Giffords said We should be able to sit down face to face and talk to them. [Fox 11]
  • Grafs volunteer database crashes; he asks all volunteers to re-register with the camp. [Hotline Blog]
  • Local political insiders said Monday they doubt the scandal following the resignation of Florida Rep. Mark Foley will have much impact on races here — even with Rep. Jim Kolbe now a potential player in the investigation. [Fox 11]
  • Giffords forces are hoping that some of Kolbes connections to a scandal that is producing daily national headlines will rub off on Graf. [The Jewish Week]
  • AZ Dem Chair David Waid: Its sad when John McCain, who has become an icon on the strength of his convictions, throws those ideals out the window in order to curry weight with the extreme wing of his party. [Business Journal]

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