Jim and Jon: The black-and-white counter-ad edition

  • Jim & Jon ShowKyl camp releases Protect, accusing Jim Pederson of protecting illegals right to vote and stay in the country.
  • Former Senator Dennis DiConcini calls on Kyl to pull the ad. Pederson directly spelled out that he does not support giving citizenship to anyone with a criminal record.
  • Kyl-backed provision to effectively ban internet gambling passes both chambers via attachment to port security bill. Its been over 10 years in the making. The enforcement provisions provided by this bill will go a long way to stop these illegal online operations. [New Zealand Herald]
  • Kyl camp: [N]o one knows where Jim Pederson stands on increased fencing to stem the flow of illegal immigration This is one issue Jim Pederson cant straddle the fence on.
  • Kyl and the Arizona Republics editorial board apparently braced for a VoteVets attack that other senators have been getting; The irony of it is, we hadnt even planned on running an ad against [Kyl] But since he seems so eager to talk about this issue, weve reconsidered, and were releasing the ad on his votes against body armor for the troops so we can discuss it. [Salon]
  • Recent polls show Kyl with a double-digit lead over Pederson, but the Iraq issue and a campaign that becomes a referendum on Bush could put him on the defensive. Kyl has supported every aspect of Bushs national security strategy and characterizes public criticism of the war as undercutting our soldiers and giving comfort to the enemy. [Arizona Republic]

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