CD1: Debates are on!

  • AZ1Renzi is apparently interested in doing debates after all, his camp will meet with Simon and Schlosser camps tomorrow.
  • Simon camp: It seems that Rick Renzis only strategy is to issue clumsy and faceless press releases that employ extremely poor logic, are devoid of truth, and riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors.
  • David Schlosser examines Simons TV ad strategy. Id suspect that Ms Simons polling indicated that the rubber stamp ad was driving up her unfavorable ratings without having much impact on Congressman Renzis numbers.
  • (Ive) worked with a lot of wonderful Democratic leaders and put party lines behind us, Renzi said. When that happens, walls come down and things get done. [Eastern Arizona Courier]
  • Democratic State Senator Albert Hale: I have not endorsed Rick Renzi and I call on Rick Renzi to take my name off his endorsement list immediately. [Rum, Romanism and Rebellion]

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