Flake to make fourth attempt at opening tourism to Cuba

From the AP:

Saying that American tourism and trade can do more to undermine Fidel Castros government than current U.S. policy, two conservative U.S. lawmakers promised Thursday to back more legislation this year to ease restrictions against the communist country.

I dont think that the for the next four years we can maintain this policy, Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., told a small group of international journalists.

Flake said this summer he will make his fourth attempt to get Congress to approve an amendment to a Treasury Department spending bill that would eliminate funding for enforcement of the U.S. travel ban against Cuba and thus allow Americans to travel to the island.

When you run a play up the middle and it doesnt work, you dont run the same play 45 times, Flake said, applying an American football analogy to the United States four-decade old policy of trying to isolate the Castro government with trade sanctions and other restrictions.

Heres an interesting bit:

Flake said he didnt sponsor the spending bill amendment in 2004 because it was a presidential election year, but did back a similar one in the three prior years. All three times it was eliminated from the bill in conference meetings before going before a full congressional vote.

Bush has made his views on the embargo well-known. Would Cuba even have been an issue? Or was this more of a must not break ranks with W thing?

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