Hayworths Eule: Mitchell couldnt be elected dogcatcher

From cqpolitics.com:

As a result of [Harry] Mitchells planned candidacy, CQ is changing its rating of the Arizona 5 race to Leans Republican from Safe Republican. The new rating means that Hayworth is still favored but that the race is expected to be highly competitive.

Mitchell is as top a tier candidate as you could get, said Seth Scott, a spokesman for the Arizona Democratic Party.

Where Democrats see a first-tier candidate, though, Republicans see a fourth-tier hopeful who is running only after three potentially stronger Democratic candidates declined to run.

Mitchell is a typical party activist — hes willing to fall on his sword and be the sacrificial lamb for this race, which is what he will be at the end of the day, said Ed Patru, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Patru described Mitchell as far outside the mainstream on issues such as taxes and immigration. Hayworths chief of staff, Joe Eule, said Mitchell had a very, very liberal voting record in the legislature and also said he didnt think Mitchell could be elected dogcatcher out there.


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    Jeff Stapleton Says:

    Joe Eule, said Mitchell had a “very, very liberal voting record” in the legislature and also said he didn’t think Mitchell “could be elected dogcatcher out there.”

    - Try mayor jerk

  2. 2
    rovefoundyellowcake Says:

    The Neocons are trying to buy the November elections by borrowing more money to pump into the economy. The National Debt to $9,000,000,000.

    The Neocons are too irresponsible to run this country. They lied about growing the economy and are flip-flopping on when it can be paid off. They have no financial responsibility at all, shame on the Republicans in congress. Go back and read your Contract with America, you bunch of liars.

    Once the next administration tries to pay back the Debt, the shell game is over and the house of cards will fall.

  3. 3
    The Klute Says:

    J.D. Hayworth keeps getting elected be appealing to peoples fear and xenophbia. I wonder if hell ever get checked on it. I guess well have to wait another few years for the make up of the district to shift more Hispanic Maybe hell solidify his base this time with his new book: The Final Solution, er, Whatever It Takes.

  4. 4
    melson Says:

    Immigration is not the only issue out there, nor is it the most important. Less than 30 percent of folks think the war was a good idea, yet Eule spouts that the Hayworthless constituency is all for it. Attack on the L word is all they have.

    The Repugs complain about Mitchells age, 65. How old was Regan? I do believe he was older than that while in office. The JD camp is afraid and reaching for any lame excuse to look cool about the Mitchell challenge.

    Recent Tempe City council elect, Shana Ellis, was quoted in the AZRepublican as saying Harry Mitchell is a person she most admires. Not bad for a non-threat.

    I received propaganda in the mail this weekend from camp JD paid for by the taxpayers. They steal from everywhere. JD called it a Report to the People, but in the years Ive been here, he has never felt the need to report to us untill he had a decent adversary.

    Good point on the Contract with America, RFYC. They could not be more in violation of that with this massive, war deficit. That was the year JD was a freshmen. This may be the year he retires.

  5. 5
    Stacy Says:

    I received propaganda in the mail this weekend from camp JD paid for by the taxpayers. JD called it a Report to the People

    Whats a gal gotta do to get one of these? I live in CD5. Im a 4/4 Independent, the most targetable voter democragphic there is

    Oh, thats right. I already know what JDs up to.

  6. 6
    The Klute Says:

    What’s a gal gotta do to get one of these? I live in CD5. I’m a 4/4 Independent, the most targetable voter democragphic there is…

    I guess J.D. figures all his self-aggrandizing appearances on The Big Story and Hannity & Colmes are report enough.

  7. 7
    melson Says:

    Well, folks, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I tell JD what I think on a regular basis. He has my address.

  8. 8
    gc wall Says:

    J.D. Hayworth is still the slack-jawed Party fool he has always been. Arizona needs someone who represents Arizona, not a puppet who repeats RNC talking points. We get enough of that already from the news media.

  9. 9
    gc wall Says:

    Ed Patru is correct J.D. Hayworth would make a much better dog-catcher than Harry Mitchell; after all Mitchell has spent his entire career working for his constituents while J.D. has been a lap dog for the D.C. republican wannabe dictatorship during his stay. There is a higher ideal than Party affiliation and loyalty. Hayworth has had ample time to serve our country and Arizona, but he hasnt done it. It appears to be an impossible task for him.

    It would be like a breath of fresh air to have Harry Mitchell thinking for himself and Arizona, then to have Hayworth continue to execute commands given by his Republican trainers in D.C.

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