Mexican food: Its for anti-immigrant dinners

The Nation has a piece on JD Hayworths recent speech at the Biltmore:

One needed only to glance around the hotel ballroom in which Hayworth was speaking to perceive the yawning gulf between the tone of the current immigration debate and the quickly shifting realities of the American workplace. Even as Hayworth thundered awayinvoking the title of his book Whatever It Takes as a call to stop illegal immigrationthe rapt audience, including former Attorney General Ed Meese and chief Swift Boater John ONeill, leisurely munched away on shrimp quesadillas with guacamole. Platters of stuffed empanadas, crab cakes and glasses of merlot and chardonnay were bused to and from the guests by a quietly efficient platoon of waiters with name tags reading José, Graciela, Mirta and Roberto. Lets hope that Hayworths deportation program doesnt kick in before the finger food is finished being served, cracked one moderate Republican.


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    TLB Says:

    Like other Marc Cooper immigration pieces, he shows that he has no clue.

    Lets try to think this through and see where Cooper made mistakes, OK?

    Is there any reason to suspect that Graciela is an illegal alien? Or, is Cooper doing that just because of her race?

    Or, that she supports illegal immigration? Once again: does he think this because of her race?

    Would Graciela support her hotel bringing in lower-wage illegal immigrants to take her job?

    If Graciela is an illegal alien and she was the one who displaced a higher-wage American worker, what would Cooper say to the latter?

    At the link, Cooper refers to Raul Grijalva as progressive. Is being a former member of the racial separatist group MEChA progressive?

    Is the Republican mentioned above really moderate, or is he just on the take? Does he accept contributions from those corporations that profit off illegal immigration and then take a moderate stance on the issue in return?

    And, should you link to future Marc Cooper columns without mentioning that he gets everything wrong?

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    melson Says:

    Ill spell it out for you, Wacko: your coment about not knowing if Graciela is illegal or not - if laws pass that target those folks, you might as well put an X on her forehead anyway. JDs philosphies are hostile toward anyone that is not a white, homogeneous, multi-generation American.

    As for your arguement that an illegal would take her job, everyone is still subject to labor laws that include minimum wage. Just because they are not a citizen does not mean the laws are different (unless you find yourself in Gitmo).

    Are moderate Republicans on the take? Interesting. Im suprised you did not call him unAmerican. Copper is not the one with the problem here.

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