Flake supports federal student-loan cuts to reduce deficit

From Web Devil (ASU):

Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., discussed his stance on a bill that would divert $12.7 billion from federal student-loan programs with ASU students and faculty during a visit to the Polytechnic campus last Thursday.

Flake said he supported the Budget Reconciliation bill, which directs funds to federal deficit reduction. Flake said the bills goal is to reduce the deficit $50 billion over five years. It is scheduled to be voted on today.

Its the first real attempt weve had to actually reduce spending in a long time. Its important that we do so. It amounts to $50 billion now, but I believe it ought to be a lot higher, Flake said. We ought to do 2-percent, 5-percent spending reductions across the board. That would be more appropriate given the deficit that we have. But this is a start.

No Child Left Behind increased the role of the federal government in education. I think thats a mistake, he said. I think the federal government is too involved in local public education. We tend to mandate and stipulate things on testing and what not, but that costs the local governments a lot more than the funding we give them.

I think if the federal government pulled back and said, We dont have the answer to everything, lets let those who do govern public education, we would all be better off.

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